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Hello, I’m Ceryllene Sinclair.

Once, I led a vibrant, active life. But in 2020, everything changed. I suddenly found myself battling muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and a persistent illness. The diagnosis was polymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis. It was a tough time for me and my family.

For months after, I relied on strong medications with harsh side effects. Desperate for relief, I tried bath salts with Epsom salt, but it only provided temporary respite. Moreover, I discovered they contained harsh ingredients that aggravated my sensitive skin.

While I moved past the acute stage, frequent flare-ups remained a challenge. I decided to explore natural remedies. Extensive research and support from loved ones led to the birth of Holistic Essentials South Africa.

Our bath salts and essential oil blends offer physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. They’re not a replacement for professional healthcare, but they can enhance your well-being.

I find solace in our Dead Sea Salt and Essential Oil Bath Blends. They soothe my muscles, ease pain, and improve my overall well-being.

Plus, I sleep better, feel more relaxed, and enjoy soft, rejuvenated skin.

I can now function without prescription painkillers, which has provided great relief and improved the quality of my life tremendously.

I invite you to explore our handcrafted products, each made with love and care. Our mission is to spread love, make a difference, and offer you a touch of luxury.

Discover the benefits of our products and experience the care we put into every gramme and drop. Together, we can create a positive change, no matter how small.


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